07 – Navigation Tower

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Stop 7: (330 m) The navigation tower – SM 821 044

Stop 7: The navigation tower – SM 821 044

This 50 metre tall navigation tower, known as Watwick Point Beacon, was built in 1970. The deep-water channel into Milford Haven is very narrow, so tankers, ferries and other large vessels have to be sure of their approach to the Haven. From the open sea, they follow a north-easterly route at first, followed by a dog-leg change of direction to the east.

There is another set of three navigation towers with lights at West Blockhouse Point (Stop 10 on your walk). Ships out at sea can line up this tower with the central one at West Blockhouse, in order to judge the correct angle of approach to the Haven. At the top of the tower is a large black and white ‘daymark’ and a flashing white light for use at night.

A little further information can be found on the Watwick Point Beacon WikiPedia page.

Looking back towards Castlebeach Bay you can see how dense the trees are in this sheltered part of the peninsula.

Across the bay you get a good view of Dale Fort. Notice the protective ditch reaching down to the sea on the landward side, and the gun parapet facing out to sea. The parapet is surrounded by 1.4 metre-thick walls of limestone, capped with granite.

08 – Cattle Grid

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