19 – Dale Church

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Stop 19: (120 m) Dale Church – SM 806 058

Stop 19: Dale Church – SM 806 058

The church is dedicated to St. James. It stands on a Norman site, but was rebuilt in 1761 and underwent substantial repairs in the 1890s. The west tower is thought to date from the 15th Century. It is a simple building, consisting of a nave and chancel. The marble font was presented to the parish by John Allen Esq. of Dale Castle, who met the costs of the 1761 rebuild.

After you have visited the church, walk back towards the Castle and follow the left turn in the road towards the village, a distance of about 880 metres.

The valley between the church and the village is Dale Meadow. During the First World War it was the site of a large camp with huts for 1000 men. Originally it was used for training exercises. Later in the War the camp provided badly needed rest and recuperation facilities for soldiers from that conflict.

The final stage of your walk takes you past Dale Cemetery on your right, and along Blue Anchor Way.

The houses on the right-hand side of Blue Anchor Way (a row of semis and a terrace) were built as married quarters for Kete (Stop 14), but were barely used before Kete closed.

At the end of Blue Anchor Way take the right fork along South Street. Turn left when you get to the sea front. The Griffin Inn is on your left, where you can partake in some well-earned refreshment!

20 – Back At The Griffin Inn

18 – Dale Castle